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Spring Training 1998 The New McCoy
The Pawtucket Red Sox have big plans to renovate their 56-year old stadium.

September 1996
Can This Marriage Be Saved?
Dear Baseball: I never thought I'd say these words, and it pains me deeply, but you're losing me.

August 1996 All-Star Trip Diary
An account of my trip to the All-Star Game in Philadelphia, with a side trip to Babe Ruth's grave, and stops at three AA ballparks.

July 1996 Longing For Shorter Games
Will this game ever end?

June 1996 Willie, Mom & Me
A tribute to my mom, who helped make me the baseball fan I am.

May 1996 My Game Rules
Rituals I've developed while attending over 300 Major League games.

April 1996 Eastern Division Chumps
So the Red Sox won the Eastern Division last year. Big deal. This team wasn't (and isn't) that good

October 1995 Iron Woman
Profile of Elizabeth Dooley, Red Sox season ticket holder of over 40 years

September 1995 Pennant Fever Slips Hub
The Red Sox march toward the playoffs. Why aren't I excited?

August 1995 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
A rant against smoking at the ballpark

July 1995 Sit Down, Shut Up, And Watch The Game
Is there anything more lame than the wave?

June 1995 Fond Farewell, Fenway
The Major's oldest (okay, tied) ballpark days are numbered, thanks to the Red Sox organization.

May 1995 Just Deserts
Stop whining. Here's why Major Leaguers are worth every penny they're paid.

August 1994 Been There, Done That
Got the T-shirt. After having seen at least one game in every current Major League park (and then some), I detail my faves and not-so-faves.

July 1994 Ad Nauseam
Advertising may soon take over baseball as we know it. It's enough to make you sick.

June 1994 My Dream Job Is A Nightmare
I wanted to be Commissioner of Baseball. Now, I wonder why anybody would take the job.

May 1994 The House That Bush Built
My critique of The Ballpark In Arlington.

April 1994 Farewell, Old Friend
A tribute to my friend Tommy Boyle, an usher at Fenway Park for 19 years.

October 1993 We Invite You To Rise...
The story of why the Star Spangled Banner is played at sporting events, and a tribute to the guy who played it best: Fenway Park organist John Kiley.

September 1993 Draining The Talent Pool
Expansion is an evil plot, and the dearth of quality players is degrading the level of play throughout the Major Leagues.

August 1993 All-Star Game...Or Some-Star Game?
Is it a baseball game, or a marketing opportunity? My ideas for selecting more competitive, and thus more entertaining, teams.

July 1993 Suggestions From A Sofa Spud
Watching a ball game on TV is great. Here are some ideas how broadcasters could make it even better.

June 1993 (2) Owners Off Base With TV Deal
The Baseball Network, the wildcard format, and money. Everybody wins but the fans.

June 1993 (1) Love Your Umpire
The guys in blue are some of the hardest workers on the field. Here's an appreciation.

May 1993 Book Review: The Official Baseball Atlas
Rand McNally published a nice little book. I could've made it much better.

April 1993 Bald Spot to Beantown
Comparisons of two of my favorite, but very different, places on the planet. My first published baseball piece.


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